Coming into effect this September, the UK has seen changes to its planning laws. These changes are designed to revitalise housing and planning post Covid.

Thanks to these new changes, full planning applications will not be required to demolish and rebuild unused buildings. This means that unused buildings can more quickly become homes and commercial and retail properties, repurposing old buildings to revive high streets and town centres.

Many of us are now only visiting our local high street for services; things we can’t get online like haircuts or cafes, rather than for retail purposes. In order to adapt to the new needs of consumers, the government planning laws are designed to support new businesses and support existing businesses in adapting what they can offer.

Homeowners will also be able to add up to 2 additional storeys to their home to create new homes in some circumstances; more living space or room for remote working. A fast track approval process is allowing these changes to happen even more quickly than before, although homeowners are required to carefully consider the impact on neighbours and the appearance of the extension.

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