Whether you’re in the property industry or not, you will likely have heard Boris Johnson talk about ‘build, build, build’ whilst announcing the biggest planning law relaxations since the Second World War. But what do these changes entail?

The purpose of the new regulations is to make it easier for us to build better homes where people want to live, according to the government. This will include making it easier to re-use or re-build existing vacant residential and commercial buildings with less red tape and a new fast-track planning approval process.

Property guru Rex Ekaireb commented on the planning changes: “This is great news for developers and property owners alike.”

Ekaireb continued: “…it enables developers to bring cherished buildings back to life, improve local areas and fulfil my passion to provide great homes to families who will not only fulfil their dream of getting onto, or moving up, the property ladder but it will enable them to access better accommodation in an affordable way.”

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