Having qualified as a chartered accountant in the 1970s, Rex Ekaireb set out determined to build something more than a ‘career.’ With a keen eye for finance and opportunity and with the desire to do more than being a ‘run of the mill’ accountant, Rex set out to build what would in a few decades become a successful business. Moreover, and something which has always driven Rex Ekaireb is the pursuit of helping children and helping those much less fortunate.

After acquiring his accountancy qualification and having honed his craft and cut his teeth at accountancy for a decade, Rex went on to start a jewellery business in London’s diamond district, Hatton Garden. The skills and knowledge he garnered during his time as a chartered accountant would stand him in very good stead for the future. The accountancy professional achievements led Rex to pursue his passion: business. During the 1980s and 1990s, the diamond and jewellery trade in the UK was very much a booming sector.

Thus, Rex Ekaireb sought to build a jewellery business that he and his family could call their own.

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