Rex Ekaireb, of London comes from very humble beginnings. However, having achieved a great deal in the world of business, Ekaireb made the admirable transition into charity work, helping a variety of causes. Starting out as a chartered accountant in London, being the global financial hub it remains to be, Rex gained a lot of experience in finance and the raising of capital for businesses.

Qualifying in the 1970s and gaining his qualifications as a chartered accountant Ekaireb practised and honed his trade for a number of years. By 1982 and having acquired very useful business experience and skills, Rex was able to make the move into London’s bustling diamond market in Hatton Garden.

Having utilised his accountancy and professional experience, Ekaireb, with his brothers-in-law quickly managed to get a very successful and efficient business on the road to success. By 1986, barely half a decade after starting the jewellery business in Hatton Garden, Ekaireb’s jewellery business was snapped up by a large UK listed company. Seeing the experience and business knowledge that Rex brought to the business, he was kept by the large company as a member of the business’ board.

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